Blarney Credit Union Limited, St. Ann's Road, Blarney, Co. Cork
021 438 1149
Our credit union is for people, not for profit!

Volunteers Required

Volunteers Required

Blarney Credit Union Limited is looking for volunteers to serve on the Board of Directors and various committees.

Benefits of volunteering include;

  • Gain skills and experience with a professional financial service provider
  • Education and training
  • Personal development
  • Meet new people from the community
  • Give something back to the community
  • Be part of shaping the future of your Credit Union
  • Enhance your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Responsibilities of a volunteer include;

  • act, at all times, within the scope of the law, regulations, the Standard Rules and the Credit Union’s policies and procedures;
  • prepare for and attend all monthly Board Meetings;
  • be reliable, honest and mindful of the credit union’s good name and reputation;
  • respect confidentiality at all times and comply with the Declaration of Fidelity and Secrecy;
  • ensure they have sufficient free time to fulfil the role – e.g. approximately 8 hrs per month;
  • undertake training to enable the fulfilment of duties.



Please forward you name and contact details to or post to Anthony Forde, Manager, Blarney Credit Union Limited, St Annes Road, Blarney, Co. Cork.

You may also contact Anthony Forde at 021-4381149 for further details.